10 tips for choosing the right venue

The first research to do when you start planning your wedding is choosing the venue. Very important point, because it will set the scene, the style of your day. Here are my 10 tips for choosing the right venue:

- Give yourself different dates and location for your reception. Reception venues can be booked very early in advance, and if you want a particular date, it may not be available. By doing it early enough (12 to 18 months in advance depending on your region) or by giving yourself several dates to choose from, you will have time to find your ideal place. - A place in line with the wedding style you want Country, romantic, chic, industrial etc… the place must be in adequacy with your style. A castle with gilding and heavy decorations will not be in keeping with a theme turned towards nature or travel for example. - Define a budget. Do you dream of a castle but the whole wedding budget will be spent there? it will be necessary to make concessions… a dream place at 10,000 € will not be accessible if your overall budget is 15,000 €. A mistake that I see a lot as a wedding planner.

- Location and accessibility Think about the location of the place and its accessibility during your visits. Will it be necessary to provide a VTC for your guests? Driving time, local guests? Is the venue available from Thursday if possible or Friday? And thus quietly prepare the reception hall.

- Technical points During your visits, remember to ask questions about technical aspects: smoke detectors, acoustic limiter, sufficient amperage? The room large enough to accommodate the number of guests and space for the dance floor without removing half of the tables. Does the place refuse fireworks, the release of balloons or lanterns? Are there any constraints for the decoration? As a ban on planting bedbugs on walls, for example. A guard, a person is she present on D-day in case of a problem (power failure, fire alarm ...) - Taxed providers Always ask if a place imposes service providers: DJs, caterers, rental of furniture… and especially before signing, inquire because a service provider may not please you. - The beds Plan to sleep for your guests, does the place have any and is it extra? Does the place have a list of nearby hotels or lodges?

Additional costs Pay attention to the reception venues where the price is attractive, they can compensate with supplements: cleaning, sheets and towels for sleeping, electricity or furniture, provide a tent in case of rain for the cocktail etc ... - Feeling and crush The choice of your place of reception also depends on how you will feel, a crush on your arrival and a good feeling with the owner or manager of the place is essential. If you have the slightest doubt, don't take it, you must feel good in the place which will host the happiest day of your life. - Getting married in an atypical place or at home Barge, atypical campsite, chalet, or even outdoor tent ... The trend in recent years is to get married at home or in the garden. Warning ! plenty of things to do: space for the number of guests, tent and floor, toilets for all your guests, the kitchen for the caterer, rental of furniture with sufficient amperage ... Planning a wedding at home is sometimes more complex to prepare than you might think. Your place of reception must be in your image and you must feel good there! <3