An eco-responsible marriage

Today the ecological impact is in our everyday life, why not think about it for your wedding too. Trend of weddings in recent years, more and more choices are available to you. Organizing an eco-responsible wedding without falling into the cliché or not saying goodbye to your dreams, that's what we'll see together, who knows? You may want to choose a few ideas ...

Where to get married? The place is the first provider to choose for getting married, it is naturally necessary to remember that it is not too far from the place (s) of the ceremony (s) to avoid as much as possible the movement of the guests. A reception area with beds to accommodate them on site as much as possible, or provide a VTC to take your guests in groups to their accommodation for the weekend. & your arrival at the ceremonies precisely? By bike, Tandem, carriage, scooters, or simply on foot, the choice is yours ...

What are we eating ? More and more caterers are working with local, seasonal products, and as much as possible organic. The caterer must be sensitive to food waste, especially when it comes to cheese. Do not hesitate to tell them about your eco-responsible wedding project and you will then have their opinion on the subject. The meal is also synonymous with wines, each region has its producers of local and organic or reasoned wines. Enjoy it. Disposable bamboo tableware is prettier and more fun for your cocktail or brunch than plastic one, but if possible, opt for hard tableware as much as possible. Why not rent vintage tableware, and mismatch the set for your decor?

Announcements and Cards The digital invitation by email, video or animated GIF is the most ideal way to avoid using any paper. If you want to send a real wedding invitation, but also for the D-Day cardmaker, many designers and printers use recycled paper. Why not send an invitation to another medium? Wood or fabric, original for your guests! For your menu, a wooden panel, a pallet, large vegetable leaves. What about your table numbers? pebbles, pieces of natural slate, wood etc ... but above all stay in your theme and do what you like.

& The decoration ? As for flowers, look for a florist who will offer you seasonal flowers, who is supplied by French producers from sustainable agriculture, and who will be able to advise you as much as possible on the choice of flowers. Dried flowers are a big hit at weddings, whether you pick up your flowers yourself or your florist does it for you, your flowers will keep even after your wedding. Small bouquets to offer after the departures of your guests. Florists can rent you vases, so do not go shopping in stores .. want original vases, bottles of wine, water in glasses or drinks can fit into your decoration.

Why not small shrubs to have in your room and which can be replanted in your garden? In short, full of ideas that should germinate in your mind. Renting the decoration is what will allow you to have a beautiful scenography without breaking the bank, especially since you will have to store and then resell after your wedding. We think in particular of the led garlands or guinguettes, the many glass candlesticks or vases that you have started to buy. Want to do all of your decoration? Avoid the big event decoration signs, plastics and disposable toppings, coming from China, are abundant there. Rent and find decoration that you can reuse in your interior. Also think about throwing "biodegradable" balloons or lanterns that are not necessarily degradable… the ecological impact is catastrophic, and the risk of fire is far too great. Check with the prefecture, releases are like fireworks; they are regulated and prohibited according to the departments in spring and summer. Offer small gifts for your guests: local specialties (honey, jams, olive oil, etc.), homemade organic wax candles or small seeds to plant are great ideas. How do we dress? Find wedding dress or costume designers near you, contrary to popular belief, it will not be more expensive than a dress bought in a store, and they use quality fabrics, Calais lace for example.

Small budget ? A second-hand wedding dress or that of her mother; a trip to a designer or seamstress if some adjustments are needed to bring it to your liking and voila. For your shoes, accessories or jewelry, inquire around your home, there are more and more small designer shops in our cities. Or in designer salons made in France: socks and bow ties made in France are possible. Also pay attention to the origin of your precious stones, especially for wedding rings. Choose stones that are Kimberley process-aligned, that is, that are not from the war trade. A vintage side to your wedding? A lot of jewelry is available from antique dealers, just like the dress or the decoration, we reuse the objects. Perhaps you received jewelry from your mom or grandmother? a beautiful symbol to wear for your D-Day. For your eco-responsible wedding, surround yourself with a team of qualified service providers who share the same values ​​as you. Organic and local caterer, decoration rental, made in France creators. When organizing, think about your ecological impact, but above all do not deprive yourself of your dreams ... & then the honeymoon in all this? ….