Choose the secular ceremony for your wedding

You do not plan to get married religiously, you are of different faiths or you are non-believers, but the idea of ​​having only the town hall as an often impersonal and expeditious wedding celebration does not represent you. Do you want a ceremony in your image, where you share an emotional moment with your loved ones? The secular ceremony is for you!

What is a secular ceremony? Concept coming from the United States, the secular ceremony is a non-religious ceremony, you do not bear witness to your commitment to God but to yourself, your spouse and those around you. The secular ceremony has no code to follow, so you have all the freedom you want: texts, music, rituals, speeches ... It usually lasts between 45 min and 1 hour. Please note, just like the religious ceremony, the secular ceremony has no legal value, going through town hall is mandatory to formalize the marriage. The role of ceremonial officiant Just like a religious ceremony, preparation is necessary, a few questions to ask yourself such as: the values ​​you want to transmit or how to involve your loved ones are important. Whether you choose a friend, a witness or a member of your family, the main thing is that they are comfortable orally and in public, and especially involved in the project! The other possibility is the choice of a professional officiant, he can guide you in the development of the ceremony, contact your loved ones, and set up the unfolding stress-free process.

The course of the ceremony The freedom to create your own ceremony can be great, but you have to build it first ... and where do you start? Even if, as we have already said, nothing is pre-established, you can let yourself be guided by this process: - The entrance of the bride and groom - Introduction to the ceremony to explain the process to everyone - Speech by the officiant to talk about the bride and groom - Reading of texts: chosen by you or your friends, witnesses. The lyrics can be personalized or symbolic songs for the bride and groom. - Rituals: they symbolize your commitment to one another, many rituals exist (sand, tied hands or handprints, planting a tree with the help of all the guests, for example) - The wishes of the bride and groom: personal and very emotional - The exchange of alliances - Conclusion of the officiant and exit of the bride and groom All punctuated by music that can be performed live by a singer or a musician. Involve your loved ones, according to the talents and desires of each. The only rule is that this ceremony is in your image. It also depends on the choice of location.

The location of your secular ceremony Where to organize the secular ceremony? You are still free to choose Most often the ceremony takes place outdoors, in the garden of the reception venue or even the municipal garden, historical monuments or the beach there is no limit. Always plan a plan B in bad weather or shade in hot weather. Be careful only to ask for the necessary authorizations. My advice if you want a ceremony on the beach is to choose a place with a private beach: they will have municipal authorizations, and you will not have the presence of curious people who come for a walk on the public beach on the day of your ceremony, which become encrusted. Also think about logistics: Decoration, seating for guests, sound system and connections too far away. The little extra of our officiant EN-JOY! Yes, it takes preparation. But don't forget to trust your officiant, and live in the moment. The intensity and spontaneity of the moment will make your ceremony unforgettable for your guests and yourself.