Choose your wedding dress

On D-Day, you will be the center of attention of all your guests. The choice of your outfit for this big day is therefore important so that you are highlighted. A few tips so you don't miss out on your choice.

Select according to your desires Do a scouting on wedding magazines, blogs, or even wedding dress designer websites or even Pinterest. Even if you've had an idea of ​​your dress style for a very long time, you might just fall in love with a different and new one that you didn't think of at all. After having selected the ideas, get a first idea of ​​what came out of them: lace and bohemian, graphic and minimalist, empire cut or voluptuous satin skirt… But above all, take the time to think about your desires. Also start looking at dresses that suit your body type, empire or mermaid style dresses don't suit everyone. Stay in harmony with your marriage The choice of the dress must harmonize with the theme, the style of the wedding. An imposing and very sophisticated dress full of rhinestones will not go with a wedding whose atmosphere is bohemian, outdoors for example. Finding a dress that matches your mood for the wedding will usually happen naturally

The budget of the dress The style, the desires, the materials are more or less defined. You took the time to think it over and now you have to define the budget you want to put in your wedding dress; whether it is you who pay it or a relative, this part should not be neglected. It’s rushing into the euphoria, to a designer or a boutique, to try on dresses that you will fall in love with but maybe not the budget that follows, the disappointment will be greater. Do you prefer to put the budget in another part of your wedding? Do you have a very small budget? Looking in ready-to-wear stores or online, you will be able to find what you are looking for. The hiring of a wedding dress is more and more in vogue, inquire near you. Misconception: Look for dress designers, you may have a good surprise on their price for a made-to-measure dress! Sometimes cheaper than in large specialty store chains.

Dress fittings Appointments are fixed, you will start fitting wedding dresses at designers or dress shops. The first important thing is to come on a day when you are wearing your hair and make-up (beware of too heavy foundation when trying on white dresses) to feel at your best. Also wear nude-colored strapless underwear, you will test, which is often overlooked and yet so important to feel good on D-Day, the right bra. Bring shoes whose style is roughly equivalent to what you want to wear on your wedding day: pumps, sneakers or espadrilles.

When trying on, come with people you trust: moms, best friend, witnesses, but especially no more than two or three. And let yourself be advised by the professionals who will be there to guide you. During the first meeting you will have or not the feeling with the people or the designer (s) who will take care of your dress and this is essential to be well understood when choosing it during the following months.

The choice of your dress The choice of THE favorite dress, can take several weeks or months or when trying on in a first store. Now that you have found it and take a few days to think about it before making your choice, feel free to try it again to confirm your choice.

The most important thing is to feel beautiful and comfortable in your dress. Whether white or colored, with long or short skirts. It will be the outfit that will sublimate you for your day.