Enjoy the day before her wedding

All those months of preparation come back to you in your head, everything jostles and can overwhelm you. Here are some tips for making the most of your D-Day Eve: Often a stressful and anxious day for many of you.

- No more worrying about the preparations Make a point with all of your service providers a few days before: go over the meal menu, wines, allergies and number of guests with the caterer, review the music and the arrival of the DJ, call the photographer back to find out if he needs latest information etc ... We check everything. The watchword in the organization: ANTICIPATE.

- Decoration of your room Ask your venue if you can start decorating your venue on Thursday afternoon. More and more places are flexible on this point so that you can plan ahead and not have to do everything on Friday. Having a decorator who installs and uninstalls your decoration: less weight for you and your loved ones. Be careful, a decorator does not mean that you cannot give your personal touch to the decoration. If you can't have the venue for Thursday or take a wedding decorator, ask 2/3 of your loved ones who have been very helpful in your preparations to help you set up the decor in the morning. - To delegate

On Friday give your phone to a loved one, always someone who knows your organization. He / she will be able to manage if there are guests lost on the road, in the event of withdrawal called the caterer or any other small unforeseen ... Another witness or relative may be there to go buy little last minute things. One word: DELEGATE - Relax Take time for yourself, on Friday plan a massage session in a spa, or prepare yourself a good bath at your place of reception, and why not a little manicure between the girls?

- Small group meal Stay in a small group the day before your wedding, plan a meal either homemade by you or your family, or by a caterer. Mixed salad and small dishes not too heavy. Menu idea for this wedding day: fresh salad, mixed, soup or gazpaccho, fruit ... - Check your stuff for the big day Prepare in a corner, most of your things for the big day: Dress, shoes, accessories, small make-up / first aid kit.

-To go to bed early The night is often difficult for all future brides, do not hesitate, even if you are not sleepy going to bed early. - A wedding planner My last advice is to take a wedding planner, she will be there to manage the planning, providers, contingencies and also reassure you. You will have organized the wedding with your wedding planner for months. Trust him to handle small hiccups and unforeseen events.

What not to do on the eve of the wedding

- Test new makeup, cream or wax

- Make UV rays or sunbathe

- Eat too fat or too sweet, often against stress we know 😉

- Do not eat anything, also because of stress or being afraid of not tucking into your dress .. it is useless

- Abusing alcohol: a hangover on your wedding day? Ouch!

- Make your shoes: blisters and small injuries will surely be at the appointments, plan to do them before

- Completely change the seating plan because of one or 2 withdrawals

- Make a point with the providers the day before the wedding

- Shout, get angry with one or more providers

- Try on your dress: the best way to stain it, unstitch a seam or hang it up without doing it on purpose.

- Question everything: you spent months thinking about this marriage ...

Trust yourself!