Take care of the children on D-Day

You have started the guest list for your wedding and the question of children is starting to arise ... Some bride and groom decide to ask their guests not to come with their children, especially because of security. But, it is tricky to do and sometimes frowned upon by your guests. Conversely, the question does not arise and children will be present at your wedding, so you must now organize to occupy them on D-Day.

Take babysitters When the number of children becomes important, more than 6/7 children, it is necessary to start looking for one or more babysitter (s), so that everyone enjoys the day. I cannot recommend enough that you approach childcare organizations, to make sure, in case of problems, that the babysitters are well registered. It takes 1 baby sitter for about 8 to 10 children from 3 to 10 years old, if you have young children between 0 and 3 years old, count 1 person for 2 to 3 little ones.

Involve children During the ceremonies, involve the children by integrating them into the procession, they can hold a small funny sign "attention, the most beautiful of the brides arrives" or by wearing the ring holder, while making the quest. Also give them the mission of distributing the petals, soap bubbles, ribbons, lavender etc… for your outing. The cocktail hour has arrived, the idea of ​​going on a photo hunt, with assignments to give them on a list such as "photograph the most beautiful dress" "a pretty couple" or "the bride's bouquet" thanks to disposable cameras are top notch. If you plan to distribute certain things in the evening (pens, paper to fill in ...) the children are also there to help you in this task.

Prepare activities Some organizations specializing in childcare for events offer activities: face painting, treasure hunts, storytelling, magician, etc. During the cocktail party, you can also provide outdoor games (also for older children), a cotton candy machine, angling, as well as a space dedicated to children with cushions, board games or coloring in particular for meal time. At the table you can put candy, activity booklets with colored pencils (be careful with stains on the tablecloth).

The children's meal Prepare a table in the same room or in a room close to yours. Your caterer will offer you either a children's menu, or the same menu as you, but in a reduced proportion. (You can be a child and loved to eat like your parents) For toddlers or toddlers, ask your caterer to plan to heat small jars that parents can bring, or a few small bites (fresh vegetables, mash ...) during the cocktail. Be careful for children over 10, who are arriving in adolescence, plan a "teen" table with the same menu as adults. (Without the wine of course) security Your place of reception has a swimming pool, a pond, a river or even a well, make sure that the water point is secure (even if it is several hundred meters from the place of reception), inform the parents, and if you have any babysitters from the potential danger. We can not wait to discover your ideas in the comments to occupy the children on your D-Day