The seating plan, a real puzzle?

The apprehension of having to get down to the seating plan is growing over the months leading up to D-Day. And today you can't back down, you have to start it. Here are some tips for not making table placement a chore.

Where to start ? You can start a few months beforehand with the head table (normally the witnesses will be present) and the parents' table for example, but that's it! Do not start it too early, but wait for the feedback from the guests on their presence or not at your wedding. When you have the bulk of the feedback (yes, relaunching unanswered guests is essential), prepare a table, include your guests under the table names. For pending guests, you can anticipate them by highlighting them in orange or a color of your choice.

One seating per guest or per table Placing your guests by table will be less tedious than placing your guests in a designated seat. For both possibilities, mix your families to avoid clans but pay attention to family situations and each person's characters; make sure you always have at least two people who know each other at the same table. Think about the elderly, don't put them all together on one table. Do not hesitate to get help if you are stuck on a table: your parents for the family, for example. But don't ask everyone for advice or you'll question everything.

Obligation of the seating plan? No ! You can choose not to make any table plan, no more fuss and card making for the table names, guests can be placed where they want. Your table plan is finished, your card printed, but just a few days before the big day, one or more guests cancel their order. Don't panic, update your table plan (on the famous Excel table), reprint your cardmaking or ask your printer if it is possible to change it and send it urgently. Otherwise leave it as it is. Remember to tell your caterer. The forgetting of a guest or the arrival of the cousin's girlfriend that was not expected? A few seconds to know where to place it and your caterer will have installed an additional place.

Your seating plan should be clear and legible, don't write too small and place it at eye level. This will allow guests to quickly see and find their table and thus not waste time looking for it. We let you dive back into your preparations;)