Wedding Blues

Your guests are leaving, we tidy up, we sweep the brush, we turn off the lights ... This is the wedding you dreamed of has passed. You've put all your heart and months of planning into preparing it. Nostalgia and depression set in slowly ... The wedding blues is a real suffering that affects some of the brides. This post-marriage depression is still poorly understood but does exist.

What is the Wedding Blues? Like Baby Blues, Wedding Blues is less well known but occurs at the end of your marriage, sometimes the next morning. You have a feeling of emptiness, too much emotion and tears flow as you look back on that day. This phenomenon is quite normal, because you have just spent several months or years preparing for this Day which is now over. You've spent time, energy, and friends and family involved in this marriage, but now the hustle and bustle of the weekend is behind you. This can result in a vacuum and a loss of reference points for some brides. This bluesy feeling may only last for a few hours in some women, for others it lasts for a few days, weeks or even months.

Symptoms Melancholy, feeling of emptiness, looking at your wedding photos and film hundreds of times, not being able to let go of it and not knowing what to do with your days. Every little thing you see in stores or on TV makes you think about your day. Nostalgic for all these moments during the preparations: trying on the dress, tasting your wedding meal, buying small decoration and DIY for your guest gifts. You may find it difficult to express your feelings of sadness after such a wonderful time.

The solutions If you are reading this article while you are preparing, anticipate and relax a bit from your wedding planning. Going away for a few weekends, not to mention planning your wedding. Continue your activities, listen to your wishes and not what others may tell you or expect from your marriage, accept that little "hiccups" can happen. And above all to have plans, after the wedding: work in the house, honeymoon or even the future baby. Talking about it to others, to your spouse or a friend can do you good. If ever several months after the wedding you still feel the symptoms, refer to a specialist to help you get through this period.

Marriage is not an end in itself, but the beginning of your building story. Thinking about what will happen after your union will help you avoid suffering from this emptiness or disappointment after D-Day and continue to experience this happiness.