Wedding entertainment

Whether by witnesses, family, friends or by the bride and groom themselves, wedding entertainment is essential and can take many forms. Between tradition and modernity, we unveil ideas for a wedding where none of your guests will be able to tell you that they will be bored.

The classics Through family or friends, the famous speech or the many little games known for weddings such as the 12 month game or the "She and Him", remain safe values ​​for your events. (if they remain checked of course). Video montage with photos of the bride and groom from birth to now is featured in many weddings. Laughs and tears of emotion, she is often dreaded and yet so important for this moment of nostalgia. Very often requested and rarely performed, the fireworks display is a beautiful moment and a nice surprise for the guests. Please note, prefectural authorizations and the owner of the premises are required. Many places refuse fireworks and for good reason, private fireworks are the most dangerous, because they are uncontrollable. Want a fireworks display? Take a qualified pyrotechnician!

Sporting A little organization, a song, sending a lot of emails and the dance demonstration video, are the requirements for a nice flashmob. With or without accessories, it is always a very fun moment to watch or do ... Consider taking your bride and groom with you to the dance! Professional dancers according to your wedding theme, your passion: limbos, brazil, street ...

& don't forget your first dance, which in itself can be an animation that will be remembered for a long time: choreographed, romantic, humorous, with your friends, it comes in many forms.

Whether it's the wedding day or the next day at brunch, a pétanque court, a molky space, a ping-pong table, or more original table football and pinball, a swimming pool will guarantee a wedding where your guests are well. 'have fun!

Culinary events Culinary events are increasingly in demand: in the form of sliced ​​ham or salmon, a chocolate fountain or a plancha. We also find more spectacular animations with molecular workshops. Mojito bar, beer bar, bartender show or even a bike to make your own smoothie, when you are told that anything is possible! Local artisanal ice creams, Italian ice creams or more recently "ice cream rolls" ice creams go perfectly with pancakes or waffles to serve as a snack or brunch at your wedding Between a few casino games, you can discover the wines as well as its pairings with cheese with an oenologist for amateurs and epicureans.

For young and old A real phenomenon in recent years, marriage has not been able to avoid the famous escape game; It is with the story of the bride and groom that the guests will have to find the solution. Circus and fairgrounds arrive at weddings, with magicians and mentalists, juggling artists, fire-eaters or even clowns. You may not have thought about it, but cotton candy and popcorn make a great snack for your wedding, between two rides and a few jumps in an inflatable structure. Very present, in all forms, cabins or simple box, in wood, all white, in vintage caravans or in the form of a mirror, the photobooth still has many beautiful hours ahead of it.

Art invites itself to marriage Artistic performance such as street art for a souvenir of your wedding, or portrait painter, caricaturist, art is part of weddings and we love it. Tattoos are popular at weddings, either by providing decals that can be personalized, or by inviting a tattoo artist to get a tattoo on their wedding day - forever on their skin. Musical groups during your cocktail party or the whole evening are great to liven up your wedding, a singer's gift, why not make a personalized song for the bride and groom or surprise your future husband (s) ?

We could go on for a long time with the fortune teller, sparklers, a scripted video before you enter the theater or even an arrival by helicopter ... the imagination has no limit when it is in your image!