Wedding trends 2020

Eco-responsible weddings

Marriage is part of eco-responsible values ​​and the demand is very high among the bride and groom. Just because it's your wedding doesn't mean you have to forget about these gestures for the environment.

Whether by choosing a caterer who only uses local food and seasonal products; eco-responsible stationery or even sending digital invitations, bypassing the use of hard dishes and cloth napkins (and not disposable);

glass bottles to serve as vases that we have consumed during the year, are all small eco-responsible gestures that are easy to implement. Outdoor weddings Wedding at home is a growing trend in 2020. The must ? The nomad tent, Out the charmless white plastic barnum tents ... the stretch tent will seduce you and your guests. With parquet or even grass, the relaxed and chic atmosphere of the tents will have its effect.

Culinary entertainment Workshops and culinary events are now a must for your cocktails at weddings. The traditional meal with a starter, fish, meat, cheese and dessert gives way to a cocktail with several animated workshops: plancha, ham or salmon cutting, smoothies etc ... A shorter seated meal sometimes even without a starter, if the cocktail was important.

The Food truck is the right idea for your wedding or the day after. Each food truck having its own culinary identity, you can be original and surprising for your guests. From traditional burgers or pizzas to Thai, the food truck will not disappoint anyone.

Theme bars The more original themed bars are coming in force in 2020: cookie bar, popcorn bar, donuts, hot chocolate or water for the most greedy. Cigar, rum and flower bars are also increasingly in demand. A bar that reflects your passion? You can imagine it all. Outfits The dresses are graphic, more colorful or even embroidered and we love it! No more voluminous dresses with imposing skirts and princess models! The bohemian chic style and the open back continue to be popular with future brides. The princess and voluminous dress is less attractive. Designers are more and more in demand for made-to-measure dresses and that feels good.

Two-piece dresses with a top and a skirt are also the new trend that we see more and more on brides. Still in an eco-responsible and cost-saving approach, the rental of wedding dresses is developing, as is the idea of ​​altering your wedding dress for the purpose of wearing it on other occasions. For the groom, the atypical suit: by its color or its style: royal blue, duck green, burgundy red, in shorts, without tie or bow tie, in shorts. Everyone has their own style and desires without being stuffy for their wedding. T-shirts and personalized jackets for the evening or the day after the wedding are also part of the trends of recent years. Last point: The straw hat or boater hat is back for this year 2020 and we love it! Vintage and Minimalist Decoration The decoration is part of the trend of an eco-responsible wedding, the natural, minimalist and vintage trend.

Recovery of vintage objects from a garage sale, grandmother's vintage crockery, wooden table and fabrics for her table runner. We recover our bottles of wine and other drinks for our vases in the center of the table. We think of renting decoration, instead of buying everything and not knowing what to do with it. No more paper toppings and large balloon structures or even the pompoms that are thrown on Sundays.