Why choose Alex & Vous to organize your wedding?

The big day is fast approaching? Would you like to make your wedding day the happiest day of your life? Why use a wedding planner? Let me guide you to make dreams come true.

To be well supported Did you know ? On average, a couple spends 400 hours preparing their wedding and if you decide to do everything yourself, this time will be even longer. Do you value your sleep and would rather not be mistaken for a zombie on D-Day? As we understand you. But don't panic, we have the solution. I accompany you throughout the organization, to allow you not to sacrifice all your weekends, to enjoy your free time with your other half, your children ... In short, I will save you time and money. silver. Why save money? I know the prices associated with marriage. Thus, as a wedding planner I meet professionals and wedding providers and the prices they apply.

Listening above all for a wedding in your image Please note, just because you entrust me with your wedding planning doesn't have to be 100% like you. I care about creating an authentic marriage that suits you completely. To do this, we will discuss together, discuss your expectations in order to advise you and make many proposals: something to give you ideas to make this day the most beautiful of your life. Do you have a theme in mind? Country, chic, bohemian, romantic, quirky ... in the end, it's up to you!

Valuable advice All the bride and groom think they have forgotten something on their wedding day. Result: an anxiety that should not have its place on the day of your union! There are many people around you who risk stressing you out: Mother-in-law is wondering where your guests will be able to sleep, your cousin would like to invite his girlfriend at the last minute or a provider who decides to call you directly ... I am here to relieve you of the constraints that can happen on D-Day.

The bridge between dream and reality Since your childhood, you dream of your wedding day and over the years, crazy desires concerning this day never leave you. But, sometimes the budget does not follow him. I will also be the voice of reason while helping you find an alternative. It is not always easy to choose the right caterer or the right photographer. Together, we will take stock of your priorities, your budget and the mood of your wedding.

The answer to all your worries I prepare a detailed schedule in the preparation and coordination. Once established, nothing will escape us: helping guests with their questions, coordinating surprises and witness animations with other providers, taking care of the little details ... Your sentence of the day will become “See with Alexine! ". For Your English, American or English speaking guests "See with Luna!"